Conducting safety inspections

Trust is a good thing, but inspections will always be necessary, also when it comes to your safety policies. You are even required by law to conduct these inspections. A structured inspection by an independent and professional partner can be a good means of achieving this.

Our goal

Verifying whether the actual situation corresponds to the agreed situations and working methods.

Our approach

Below you will find an indication of the procedures:

  • Physically conducting internal audits or gap analyses with respect to the specified standards.
  • Conducting all procedures related to auditing, such as: inspections, document verifications, observations and interviews.
  • Assessing deviations regarding the standards and drafting interim and final reports.
  • uggesting adequate management measures in response to the audit results.
  • Drafting / developing a plan of action.
  • Creating instruments to implement improvements as a result of the plan of action.
  • Advice regarding the implementation and securing of the plan of action.