HSE manager / higher degree (HVK)

Advisors with a relevant higher professional or scientific education, who can be called upon during policy development, as advisors during design and construction activities, complex occupational health and safety related issues or for specific tasks.

Our goal

Advising the (project) organization at management level regarding occupational health and safety.

Our approach

We will select a candidate that best fits your organization / project. We will do this based upon the details you provide, such as necessary experience, (project) location, time of employment, full-time or part-time employment, etc. After a preselection, you will receive the resumes and an offer, free of engagement. If desired, an interview with our employees can be arranged. Upon receiving your written confirmation, we will instruct our employees based upon your expectations and the operations will commence in agreement with you.


Our employees have the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical experience to improve the safety, health and wellbeing within the working environment, as described in Article 19 of the Dutch Occupational Health and Safety legislation. This can be done companywide. Whether it concerns one of your branches or your headquarters, or whether it concerns a single project, our employees are just what you need to coordinate project safety in all its aspects.

Below you will find an indication of the procedures:

  • Conducting analyses and evaluations of every possible risk.
  • Conducting and advising you regarding design studies (i.e. Hazop).
  • Applying legal frameworks and the resulting responsibilities.
  • Developing safety frameworks / standards and an adjusted safety policies, as well as advice regarding the implementation and securing of the safety policies.
  • Drafting / developing safety procedures, safety and health plans, annual plans, annual reports, project safety plans, as well as evaluating, modifying and implementing these plans.
  • Managing his or her subordinate coordinators/advisors.
  • Interim reports concerning safety, health and wellbeing.
  • Conducting / coordinating systematic incident assessments.
  • Interpreting trend analyses and advising in the matter.
  • Point of contact between the client, the public services and the regulatory bodies (i.e. labor inspectorate).